Become a Partner

Become a Partner

If you have a great company or a great idea for a business we can help you to line up the resources to make it happen. We are very keen on finding new partners that shares the same values as we do and are thirsty to thrive as entrepreneurs. By partnering with us you will have immediate access to a wide range of tools, resources and professionals that will allow you to take action on your business, to either create or expand it.

Please fill this form to submit your expression of interest. Make sure that:

  • You have filled all the fields before submitting;
  • The information you have written is correct for the best of your knowledge;
  • You have put your correct contact details;
  • You have provided enough information about your business for us to analyse your expression of interest;


I already have a business and I want to expand.I have a business idea that I want to execute.I have other form of partnership to offer.

How do we process these expresions of interest:

Everything starts with you submitting your expression of interest through our website, where you will describe why you want to partner with us and outline your terms.

We will receive all your information immediately after you have submitted it. A preliminary analysis is conducted in order to check the consistency of the information you have submitted and the feasibility of your terms. If everything stacks up, the form will be forwarded for further analysis from our senior management team. And if there is any inconsistency or if your terms does not comply with our values and/or interests, we might ask you for further information or decline your expression of interest.

Our management team will read and discuss your terms before contacting you for a preliminary meeting to discuss the project. It can take a few weeks until the analysis process is finished and we might contact you several times during this period. If we are able to align our interests with your interests, we may write you an initial offer. Whilst if for some reason we think we might not be able to proceed, you will be informed and your expression of interest will be declined.

We will draw a formal Offer for Partnership letter to you with our preliminary terms, which you will read and sign (if you agree with it). This will be the first step for us to get a contract and move ahead.

After you have signed the offer for partnership, we will get together to outline our final terms and than proceed on getting these into a contract,  and after getting that one sorted, we will be ready to start our project.

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