Become an Investor

Become an Investor

We are always working through ways to expand and further grow our portfolio and we welcome new investors. If you want to be part of this journey, you can click on the button below to become an investor or you can use our contact page to reach out to us directly.

Please, when filling this form, make sure that:

  • You have filled all the fields before submitting;
  • The information you have written is correct for the best of your knowledge;
  • You have put your correct contact details;


I want to become an ordinary shareholder with no vote entitlement.I want to become a shareholder and take part on the business decisions as a director or as part of the management team.I want to sponsor a project in which I will be the main investor and I expect your company to execute it (includes offshore investments).None of the options above clearly describes my expectations with this investment. I will detail it further.

How we will approach your query:

Everything starts with you submitting your investors’ form through our website, where you will outline your terms and expectations.

We will receive all your information immediately after you have submitted it. A preliminary analysis is conducted by our management, in order to determine if we have all the information we need to analyse your proposal. If we feel that we need further information to continue, we will contact you.

After being reviewed by our management, your proposal will be presented to the company’s Board of Directors, that will vote for accepting (or not) the preliminary terms, and for a company’s representative to conduct the negotiations with you from this point on.

The company’s representative will conduct the negotiations with you and together you will outline the terms that will further become our contract. 

After we have agreed in our terms, we will proceed on getting these into a contract, that will be submitted to our Board of Director’s approval. Once approved and signed, the contract will be executed and you will become a part of our investors’ team.

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