Why CBDCs Pose Significant Risks to the Global Financial System and Should Be Carefully Considered by the General Public

Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) are digital versions of fiat currencies issued and controlled by central banks. While CBDCs offer many potential benefits, including increased efficiency, security, and financial inclusion, they also pose significant risks to the current global financial system. In particular, CBDCs have the potential to disrupt the existing financial system and undermine […]

Basic Sustainable Economics and ESG: Driving Sustainable Growth and Mitigating Risk

Sustainability has become an increasingly important consideration in economic decision-making. As we face global challenges such as climate change, resource depletion, and social inequality, it is crucial that businesses and governments adopt sustainable practices that take into account the long-term impact of their actions on the environment and society. This is where ESG comes in. […]

New Zealand: A Stable and Welcoming Environment for Business

New Zealand is a small country located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. Despite its small size, it offers many advantages for businesses looking to set up shop in a stable and welcoming environment. From its robust economy and skilled workforce to its business-friendly policies and high quality of life, New Zealand has a lot to […]

How COVID-19 Is Changing The Real Estate Market And How It Impacts You

The COVID-19 crisis came to shake all markets and real estate was no exception. The interesting note on this particular market is that in most cities, the decreasing production of new homes and available real estate inventory – as a direct consequence of the various imposed lock-downs around the world – made the prices to […]

COVID-19 And The Stock Market: What the h#!! is going on?

COVID-19 came to put a stop on the longest bull market in history, a market in which for more than ten years we saw prices go towards one direction only: up. Same applies to the real estate market, where we saw prices near – or more than – double in some regions of the world. […]