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Invest with us.

We are always working through ways to expand and further grow our portfolio and we welcome new investors. If you want to be part of this journey, you can click on the button below to become an investor or you can use our contact page to reach out to us directly.

Partner with us.

If you have a great company or a great idea for a business we can help you to line up the resources to make it happen. We are very keen on finding new partners that shares the same values as we do and are thirsty to thrive as entrepreneurs. By partnering with us you will have immediate access to a wide range of tools, resources and professionals that will allow you to take action on your business, to either create or expand it.

Private Companies

Red Jack Studio is a digital media and content creating company, working with clients worldwide. It promotes and connects businesses to communities using tailored and niche content, communicated through its network of websites, partners and social media, helping generating leads and improving your company’s digital presence and brand awareness. Visit website.

New Zealand Consulting Group is a company that works with land developers and construction companies to help them thrive through risk mitigation, management, consulting, contracting, engineering and project management, with diligent analysis and attention to detail. Visit website.

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Broad Markets Fund

Our private Broad Markets Fund puts together a balanced portfolio that aims to provide moderate growth with a lower risk grade (3.5/7) and high level of liquidity. It is composed by a diversified set of asset classes with exposure to a wide rage of markets, including New Zealand, Australia, USA, Japan, France and more.

International Real Estate

We currently own and help investors to have exposure to international real estate. Our focus lean towards investing in emerging markets, more specifically in South America, where real estate still cheap in comparison to the rest of the world and it still serves us with great return on investment. Our approach goes deep into developing regions, with in-land experts guiding us throughout the whole process, ensuring we are always being exposed to the best investment opportunities out there.

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