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The ongoing COVID-19 crisis has deeply affected our relationship with life as we used know. Paired with global scale conflicts and extreme supply-chain disruption, it places us on the beginning of a whole new era, and never before information was so important. Get valuable insight on how to navigate and thrive in this new normal with our research and newsletter program.

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We are a family owned holding company that delivers valuable insight and partnership to forward-thinking entrepreneurs and investors in New Zealand, Brazil and the UK. We endeavour to create, buy and invest in business with meaningful purposes and truthful beliefs. Integrity, reliability and true purpose are the foundations of all we do, and honesty means great to us.

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Lockdown again. Yes, we knew it was coming. But if so, why we feel we are still not prepared? A “short and sharp” decent into Level 4 lockdown wasn’t a surprise for many, as the government has been indicating it would do so if even …

The COVID-19 crisis came to shake all markets and real estate was no exception. The interesting note on this particular market is that in most cities, the decreasing production of new homes and available real estate inventory – as a direct consequence of the various …

I have just came across this Bloomberg video where Ed Rogers, CEO and CIO of Rogers Investment Advisors, gives us a pinch on the leadership change in Japan and its implications for the country’s policies, the economy and financial markets. He also comments on Warren …

COVID-19 came to put a stop on the longest bull market in history, a market in which for more than ten years we saw prices go towards one direction only: up. Same applies to the real estate market, where we saw prices near – or …

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