A family business.

Our Company

We are a family owned holding company that delivers valuable insight and partnership to forward-thinking entrepreneurs and investors. We endeavour to create, buy and invest in business with meaningful purposes and truthful beliefs. Integrity, reliability and true purpose are the foundations of all we do, and honesty means great to us.

We work hard to build sustainable growth whilst creating true positive impact in the communities we are part of.

Baronceli Family Holdings Limited is a company limited by shares incorporated under the laws of New Zealand, registered under the company number 8180940.

Paulo Baronceli

Founder & Director

With extensive experience in the real estate, construction and development industries, Paulo brings to the company the drive and the vision that makes all we do possible. A sharp manager and experienced director, he delivers valuable insights to management teams across our holding portfolio, adding value to their businesses whilst promoting an efficient, profitable and happy work environment.

Our Business

Understand how we operate and generate revenue.

Private Equity

We create, buy and invest in private companies across New Zealand, Brazil and the United Kingdom. Our approach to private equity investing varies depending on the business and the deal, but we always strive to support and add true value to all businesses we partner with.

Public Equity

We buy and sell public equity on markets around the globe. Our strategy is based on macro-economic research on the markets and medium to long-term holding of stocks, bonds, index funds and other public equities.

Real Estate

We participate in the real estate market in three different ways. While we hold a small portfolio of properties in Brazil and New Zealand, we also actively work on land development and housing through our subsidiary companies, and hold publicly traded REITS from markets in North America, UK, EU and Asia-Pacific.

Proprietary Trading

We actively trade our own funds in the forex, commodities, crypto and derivatives markets, both for direct profits and hedging against market volatility or foreign circumstances that may adversely affect our real estate or private equity businesses.

Our Key Values

These are the core values that fuels our business.

Integrity & Ethics

We conduct our businesses with ethics and integrity at all times.

Reliability & Trust

We endeavour to be a source of trust and reliability to all of our partners and clients.

True Purpose

True purpose is what drive our business and all of our investments.


We commit to greatly contribute to the communities we are part of.

Innovation & Excellence

We are committed on innovating and achieving excellence in our endeavours.


We work together to grow and develop our business and professional expertise.