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We are a family owned private equity management firm, focused on delivering valuable insight and partnership for forward-thinking entrepreneurs and investors. We create, buy and invest in companies with meaningful purposes and truthful beliefs. Our core values are integrity, reliability, true purpose and boldness. We envision to be internationally known by our reliability and consistency as a business and our mission is to serve our clients and shareholders' expectations with a strong business and revenue model whilst creating true positive impact in the communities we are part of.


Our company's governance team puts together a very unique set of skills that helps us to always operate on our maximum capabilities, quickly resolve problems and provide a prime experience to all of our clients, investees and partners.

Paulo Baronceli

Founder & CEO


Luis Baronceli

Associate Parter & COO


Janayna Greve

Ventures Assistant Director


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Doing business in four continents


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¹ Comprises retail price valuation, GDVs and other tangible and intangible assets. ² Based on 2019/20 results.

Incorporation Notice

Baronceli Capital International LLC is a registered trademark and a Brazilian incorporated company.

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